What We Do.


As part of STATUS PR, one of the top firms for personal publicity in Los Angeles, London and New York, we represent talent from some of the hottest and most respected traditional and digital spaces.  Whether we work with fresh new faces or veterans in the industry, we don't wait for opportunities to come to us. We actively and creatively do our part to get our clients out to the public. We're strategic and we focus on branding, planning and precise execution. From arranging the perfect features and interviews in the best possible publications, to arranging a client's attendance at the right event— we carefully consider every decision and move forward strategically. PR is an active sport; we don't allow our clients celebrity status to go stale by missing the right opportunities. As a firm, we come together with not only our clients, but with their team of representatives—and strategize the best plans of action. 

Music publicity involves propagating information in an appealing manner in order to increase public awareness and interest of one's material and image. Publicity is not advertising, although in a sense, they fulfill the same purpose. There are two differences, however. One- you cannot directly buy publicity, because in a sense, you earn it, and two- publicity establishes credibility. It entails establishing media (television, radio, social, publication, and new media) contacts, crisis and reputation management, creating media materials, representation, exposing an artist and a project to an audience, etc. 

As a go-to firm for music public relations services that go above and beyond, our cutting-edge range of contacts throughout the music industry unquestionably benefit every new client who attaches their name to our team. With the ability and panache needed to appropriately represent the best of music from various genres—pop, rock, hip hop and country— STATUS Artist Development is tapped into the music and the culture that continues to change in the industry. In an industry where CD stores have been taken over by digital downloads and a touring and merch sales have become the cause for true success – STATUS Artist Development has studied each circumstance while embracing the changes and using them to each clients benefit. We work closely with every client to provide strategic PR support that helps them achieve their goals. Our consistently praised approaches to public relations do more than get you in the press—we build image, elevate status and expose you to the public eye in countless ways.

Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Writing effective and enticing PR materials to push and enforce your brand

  • Devising and distributing press releases to a wide-range of contacts

  • Fielding inquiries and more importantly, pitching to media/press: editors, journalists, and TV and radio bookers and producers

  • Event planning

  • Media training

  • Reputation and crisis management

  • Scheduling/escorting for interviews or public appearances and travel

  • Non-profit planning, attaching clients to charities

  • Branding and image consulting

  • Monitoring press and creating press kits

Social Media

As the music industry and media landscapes continue to evolve in the digital era, there is a great emphasis on social media beyond basic activity. Whether it’s creating compelling content for your Social Media, creating and evolving unique developmental strategies to help your numbers grow, or merely translating your brand into a social voice, we will facilitate and drive home the essence of the Social Media movement. Websites and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube (and others) offer an opportunity for brands, advertisers, and public figures to connect and reach an unlimited digital rolodex of connections. These sites are exactly where your media contacts are spending their time, seeking that unique engagement only Social Media can reward. Social Media is no longer a convenience, it is a necessity in the digital world we all now live in.

Allow our Social Media professionals at STATUS Artist Development to help you understand, facilitate, and emerge in this online realm. You may choose to have our team completely take the wheel and drive home your message, or work hand in hand to develop a unique system that will help you attain your goals. Our established repertoire of Social Media relations and unyielding resolve are our clients’ answer to success.  As with all services provided at MLC Artist Development, having a social media expert as part of the in-house team will ensure the artist’s brand and image are cohesive. In addition to a cohesive image, an artist’s publicity and social media teams can streamline campaign timelines to ensure publicity, promotion, and social media are optimized for the maximum impact. 

Social Media Services include:

  • Creating contests and hashtag campaigns

  • Verification requests, removal of Impostors, name changes

  • Social media posts

  • Work with the artist to develop their social media voice for organic posts

  • Geo-tracking of followers to target regional tours/press targets

  • Increase followers or fan engagement

  • Identify key followers and feed fan accounts information

  • Follow influential accounts and media outlets

  • Create content banks for future posts and capture bts material

Graphic Design

A key component to any artist development plan is the creation of branding materials. By having the graphic design materials developed in-house, an artist can ensure their overall brand and image is cohesive with those set by the publicist and the rest of their artist development team. Based on the artist’s needs, our team can create: the official artist website, artist logo, album art, tour posters, social media banners, editorial or new music release promotion and teasers, etc. 

Brand Partnerships / Personal Appearances

STATUS Artist Development can work with the artist’s team to leverage their likeness to secure brand partnerships and personal appearance fees.  Whether the artist is interested in building a relationship with a fashion house, looking for paid social media opportunities, exploring tour sponsorships, or anything in between, our team will reach out and negotiate a potential brand partnership on the artist’s behalf. As part of the artist’s overall development team, our brand experts will have the best understanding of the artist’s brand and only pursue opportunities that will fit the artist’s image and demographic. This unique in-house advantage will ensure paid opportunities look organic rather than purely opportunistic. 

Radio Promotion

Depending on the individual goals of the artist, we can develop a tailored radio campaign with either a national or regional focus. After reviewing the music, we would create a strategic campaign that targets the most appropriate outlets for your music release. We solicit these stations for airplay and feedback for the release in addition to pitching radio interviews in your touring markets when possible.  Radio airplay is an essential element when promoting an album. Radio stations receive hundreds of CD’s every month with few of them ever getting heard by the programmers, let alone getting any airplay. We use our relationships to break through the noise and actively solicit radio for airplay and feedback. Feedback from radio is provided to you in detailed reports and overall promotion strategy can change based on the feedback. 

Music Licensing

Music licensing in an invaluable asset to an artist’s overall strategic plan, whether the artist is looking for the increased exposure of having one of their songs featured in a prominent television program, or if they are interested in the revenue stream from selling synchronization licenses for their music. Our music licensing team will use their years of experience and relationships to solicit the music to key music supervisors for use in television, film, advertisement, and other creative avenues. After listening to the music, our experts will work with the artist’s team to develop an outreach plan that is cohesive with the artist’s brand and overall promotion.