Vo Williams 


Vo Williams is a dynamic musical force and industry trailblazer for the rise of African American representation in Entertainment. After a captivating personal journey, Vo has already built himself an envious resume that includes song placements on entertainment heavy weight shows, such as Empire, Ballers, Lethal Weapon, SNL and Atlanta.  His musical style does not fit any of the traditional boxes, but ranges from Hip Hop to Rock elements. Vo uses the term “Epic Hip Hop” to describe his sound. He designs his music with the thought of being visual, to support massive cinematic images, as well as having the intent of being heard in stadiums. Vo wants his listeners to feel “powerful, unstoppable, understood and heard” even if only for a moment’s time.


Vo was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida where he knew he wanted to pursue music at an early age.  “I was so hyped from watching videos of Michael Jackson being shown as magical or superhuman, or vintage footage of Jimi Hendrix setting his guitar on fire. They all held so much power and confidence, and I wanted to feel that.” Without any formal musical education, Vo has learned everything he knows through studying, experimentation, and reverse engineering works from musicians he’s admired.


Vo moved to Los Angeles in 2010 after experiencing an era of extreme hardship. “I was doing everything I could to get back on my feet, and fell into a dangerous lifestyle.” After visiting for a short while in LA, Vo made the ultimate decision to leave everything he knew behind. “I was almost baptized by the possibility and creative energy in LA. I felt alive again and decided to completely abandon my troubles in Florida and just stay.”


This was arguably the best decision for Vo when soon after his life took a major turn for the positive.  In 2014, following years of relentless dedication and hard work, Vo would land his first major break by having music in the international trailer for “Big Game,” starring Samuel L Jackson.  Since then, Vo’s music has been continuously heard in a variety of TV shows, movies, and games. Vo feels extremely humbled that his music is being broadcasted to some of the largest on screen outlets. “It always feels surreal to hear my music coming out of the television. It’s difficult for me to fully fathom millions of people experiencing the same moment around the world, and for my ideas to be a part of those moments.”


Vo is a true artist, and one whom creates using a multitude of disciplines outside of Music. He majored in Design at the Ringling School of Art and Design. When he is not creating music, he will often commit his energy to a new painting, or Graphic Design.  He also trains an African-Brazilian Martial Art called Capoeira.  Creators of all kinds continue to inspire Vo to make new and powerful music on a regular basis. It’s a constant reminder that there are always more ideas to be had.


When asked how he will make his mark on the entertainment industry, Vo brings up the shift that is being seen in the world as African American stories are being given more representation throughout various art forms today. Vo wants to “provide a soundtrack” to the Black experience as it’s being shown to the world.  “I believe honest contributions made with high quality, during this revolutionary stage will be how I make my mark.” Vo’s main goal in his own musical journey is to “reach a level where seemingly impossible ideas can be brought to life, and to inspire the creation of products that make the human experience better.” In the future, Vo plans to develop a non-profit organization that develops projects from concepts designed by the world’s top creators and thinkers. Vo urges people to go after their dreams and to not be afraid to knock on the biggest doors. “I am living proof that as long as you have life in your body, and ideas, you can rise up through the ashes.”


Vo currently resides in Los Angeles, California.