Brought together by MTV, ABC and Lou Pearlman, the music industry maverick behind *N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, O-Town was the very first band to find success as a music group via the medium of television. The band was the inaugural signing to Clive Davis’s powerhouse label, J Records, which went on to spawn global superstars like Alicia Keys.

At the height of their fame, O-Town sold over three million albums, scored two US No.1’s, two UK Top 5’s and travelled the world performing hits including ‘Liquid Dreams’ and ‘All Or Nothing’, taken from their self-titled debut album.

O-Town’s culture-defining career was cut devastatingly short after they found themselves in an complex contract that tried to compensate a TV company, a record company and a production company. Despite being left with barely any income, the band was determined to put on the best show possible for their fans, and poured the profits of their first tour into the production of their next. Their second tour unfortunately coincided with September 11th 2001. Without war insurance, a clause that until then no one envisioned being an issue, the tour was cancelled, what little left of their money was lost. Their manager, Pearlman, who had tied them to their contract, later become embroiled in financial scandal as the main perpetrator of a Ponzi scheme, which cheated people out of millions of dollars.  With many issues surrounding the second album ‘O2’ and escalating problems between the major Music and TV companies involved, O-Town had no choice but to disband.

Since then, Jacob did a business degree and now manages the band’s finances, while Dan began working with production outfit The Clutch (Justin Bieber, J.Lo) before studying graphic design, which means he’s the man behind O-Town’s new album artwork. Erik went on to act before working in film and video production, while Trevor continued to sing and perform in Nashville. However, their final member Ashley Parker decided not to reunite with the band.

The band has now reunited and has a powerful single off of a highly anticipated upcoming album along with European and US tour dates scheduled for the upcoming year.