Tween pop powerhouse sensations L2M say that they’re not only best friends, but also sisters for life.

In less than a year, they’ve managed to amass over 13 million views on LEGO’s Youtube channel for their debut single Girlz, which has led YouTube Kids not only to pin-point them for their own reality tutorials-based TV show ’L2M’s PopShop’, but to cast them as the leads in their new Red Originals dra- ma series which airs late Spring 2017. Called ’Hyperlinked!’ the show is based on the highly successful Miss O & Friends brand which aims to empower young women around the world.

After recording the soundtrack to LEGO’s biggest worldwide movie launch of 2016 for LEGO Friends called ‘Girlz 4 Life’. Their NYC launch party caused a road-block and attracted press from around the world (including Huffington Post, Celebuzz, Gurl.com, J14 magazine and UK Telegraph Magazine who tipped them as the ‘new-school Spice Girls’).

This led LEGO to invite L2M to record the LEGO Friends 5th anniversary campaign song for 2017 ‘Living For The Rhythm’, which has been mixed by Manny Marroquin of Sia, Beiber, Kanye and RIHANNA fame and features across all LEGO’S platforms in TV episodes, web-episodes and commercials. Having just been announced as exclusive Jury Panel Members helping to choose a new LEGO Friends character in association with Toys R Us www.lego.com/friendsdesigner which will be designed by a fan of the brand, it has been an amazing few months for Tati, Mariangeli, Lexi, Jenna and McKenzie.

After both the Chairman/CEO and President of Warner Bros Records in LA signed the girls to the label, L2M (which stands for Listening to Music), were invited to front the music for the campaign for TARGET with their song INCREDIBLE – a back to school program made by kids for kids. Inspired by their first song which was a call to action for all young girls to ‘march to the beat of their own drums’, this new song was aimed to get all kids up jumping, and ready for school each morning.

Their last single B.E.A.T released Christmas 2016 is presently airing in a lego Friends Netflix TV series and along with being the singing voices of the LEGO Friends characters performing all the songs throughout the LEGO Friends TV episodes in 2016 and 2017, these are five young girls who are living their dream.

L2M may hail from different parts of the country — Mariangeli from (Miami, FL), McKenzie (Canton, OH), Tati (Toronto, Canada), Lexi (Dallas, TX) and Jenna (Dallas, TX) but one thing they all share is their musical inspirations from Bieber to Beyonce (along with a love of cooking, fabulous fashion and Empire.)

The eldest at 13 years of age is Mariangeli who proudly acts as a “big sister” —a role she welcomed from the get-go. She grew up in Miami and initially turned heads with a cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar” that amassed over 152 million views. Born and raised in Canton, OH, McKenzie (aka Kenzie) is blessed with an insane vocal ability and equally magnetic charm. A lovable chatterbox and world-class prankster, McKenzie’s the first one to say whas- sup! Tati is the girls’ choreographer with a penchant for making funny faces, always making everyone laugh. Tati started dancing almost as soon as she could walk, and by 6, was teaching adults how to move it on the ‘floor. She sings, she raps, Lexi is a funky fashionista – she’s the self proclaimed Posh Spice of L2M. Lexi is also responsible for the L2M look and when she’s not coming up with outfit ideas, she’ll be watching her favourite movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Jenna is the sportswoman of the L2M girl power team. She splits her off-time between playing sports (softball is a personal favorite) and spen- ding time with her dog Duchess. The girls refer to Jenna as “the coach” and “hype-maker”.

L2M have a truly close bond and friendship. Music brought the five girls together as strangers and now as they get ready to take on the world, L2M are most definitely five best friends for life. They explain: “we all love music, it makes us happy and just so excited that we can now create songs to make everybody else happy. We cannot wait to get out there and meet all our #Listeners who have supported us on our journey so far. “Get ready world, L2M are coming cause if we can do it - SO CAN YOU!!”

Watch out for L2M on-line as part of You Tube’s first ever official collaborative You Tube Kids Holiday Music Video for Christmas 2016 with top YouTubers. #L2MPopShop Episode 8