Justin Levinson


Justin Levinson is an award-winning, multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician on the rise. Justin has won the Billboard Song Contest, the International Acoustic Music Awards Best New Male Artist, as well as being nominated for Sirius Song Writer Discovery of the Year. With a newly discovered vision and uncompromised sound that shines through his forthcoming album, the future is bright for Justin.

Justin grew up in a family immersed in music; His father, and first hero, is a music teacher and songwriter and one of the first influences on Justin’s musical career. Even his great grandmother played the piano for silent pictures. He could not escape music. Wherever he went, his parents would play the classics from the 60’s. While friends in elementary school would play MC Hammer, Justin would play The Hollies, The Beatles, and Chuck Berry. 

Justin’s first break came when the great Lester Bowie and Fontella Bass came to his high school to conduct a workshop. They saw his talent from the start and snatched him from school to take him on tour. While on tour with Bowie and Bass, Justin developed an insatiable taste for touring and performing. He knew that he could do nothing else and that he needed to become a musician inspiring audiences, even if it meant packing up his tiny car and hitting the road.

After touring with Bowie and Bass, Justin returned to the Northeast where he attended Berklee College. This is where Justin made his transition into songwriting and released his first album, 1175 Boylston. Off the album, his single, "City With Two Streetlights," was the breakthrough he needed. The song spent eight weeks in the top 25 of CMJ Charts. It also garnered airplay from 350 stations across the nation.  After his time at Berklee and his newfound success, Justin took his talents on tour. The tour took him across country to college campuses and coffee houses. As Justin’s career develop, it has allowed him to go on tours with Tyler Hilton, Anna Nalick, and Howie Day to just name a few. 

Influenced by the greats of the 60’s, Justin creates self-described “power pop” that draws elements from his favorite artists of that era - the Beatles, The Zombies, and The Beach Boys. He has even drawn comparisons to Ben Folds. Playing five instruments, Justin sets out to make music that is authentic to him. His upcoming album, Yes Man, achieves just that. 

Drawing from his life experiences, “Yes Man” tells the story of a lost soul taken advantage by only being able to say yes. Justin believes that this album shows an uncompromised voice and vision that he hopes his audience hears. The album was produced and arranged by Adam Popick who plays with Madi Diaz, William Fitzsimmons, and the Sugar and Hi-lows. It also features Rich Hinman (Sara Bareilles and Ben Kweller) and Stein Malvey (Four Freshman). Yes Man is Justin’s fourth album and will be released __ through ___. 

In addition to his music career, Justin has also worked at Champlain Community Services and The Green Mountain Self Advocates to spread awareness and end the use of words that demean mentally handicapped individuals. Through those organizations, he also worked with teenagers and adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

Apart from music, Justin enjoys baseball and playing cards.

Justin currently resides in Los Angeles with his dog Gigi.