Gigi rich


Gigi Rich is aiming to be undeniable.

“Every artist wants to be undeniable. I drive myself crazy with that. There's an invisible fire lit underneath me that makes me push myself, because I know I have competition. I hate the words ‘that's fine’ or ’that'll do’ I want to blow people away, and I won't stop until I get there,” says 20 year old Rich.

Her debut EP All In My Head represents the evolution of a young woman on her journey to be that undeniable force as a vocalist, performer, and songwriter.

Born Gianna Richelle Salvato, the fiery redhead now known as Gigi Rich grew up listening to Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse as a quiet, shy Jersey girl who spent time watching old movies, reading Madame Bovary and Lolita, and playing in her big sister’s makeup.

The then-Gianna Salvato growing up in Freehold, New Jersey wrote her first song at age 13 which went on to top the Songwriter’s Circle charts for several months.  Building on this success, she won Amateur Night at The Apollo Theater and was also selected by Bill Seidman to participate in the BMI sponsored professional songwriters workshop. As a true testament of her ambition, she graduated high school at age 16, has attended classes at Juilliard, and is taking online courses at Berklee College of Music, all while maintaining a busy rehearsal, performance and writing schedule.

Gigi has already faced her share of life experiences even at a young age.  Though still difficult to talk about, overcoming the loss of her older sister at the young age of 8, has greatly shaped her life. This unthinkable experience made her a stronger, more thoughtful person with poise and maturity beyond her years and pushed her to focus on music.

“I don’t write about anything that I haven’t personally experienced.  I want people to read my lyrics and know me, to not only listen to my music, but to feel it. It’s very important for people to understand my music, because all of my favorite artists are the people I can relate to.

While her lyrics are influenced through personal experiences, her music style is influenced by iconic artists such as James Brown, Amy Winehouse, Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys. Always striving to work on her craft and learn from those around her, Gigi has collaborated with some of Los Angeles and Nashville’s leading songwriters, including: Mikal Blue, Nikki Flores, Natalie Hemby, Jeff Cohen and Jason Reeves.  These profound experiences have undoubtedly helped her to further develop her own unique style and sound.

In 2014, she continued her journey by taking her talents to national television, appearing on season seven of NBC’s The Voice. She ultimately landed a coveted spot on Team Gwen where Gwen Stefani was her musical mentor.  This incredible experience, as well as working with Gwen, taught her a great deal about having a commanding stage presence.

In addition to performing, Gigi Rich continues to collaborate with esteemed writers and producers and has worked with Anthony Saunders, Stefan Skarbek and James Krausse on her debut EP, set for release this spring.

Aside from her music, Gianna is passionate about working with organizations that support domestic violence and mental health awareness. It is impossible to capture the essence of Gianna with words, the best way to get to know her is to listen to her music.

“I know persistence pays off. And that something, somewhere at some point will happen. I just have to keep working. Keep going. Keep living.”