Cameron Ernst


“It will always be my goal to produce music that is uplifting, or at least thought-provoking, to get a person to pause for a moment and think about their own life. I think great art provides that kind of self-reflection.”  Cameron Ernst may have grown up far from Hollywood in the small town of Andover, Kansas, but he has always had dreams of doing big things and inspiring others to look beyond themselves.

From a young age, Cameron's life has been immersed in music, and there is not a day he can remember where he wasn't singing. He began piano lessons as a child and to this day, piano remains his main instrument. Cameron moved out to California to attend the University of Southern California, studying theater and communication. It wasn’t until interning at Warner Brothers Records and experiencing the music industry first hand that he knew he felt called to professionally pursue being an artist.

For Cameron, the root of being an artist is storytelling.  He’s a singer-songwriter first and foremost, but the catchiness of music is something he loves as well.  Recently, Music Bed, the licensing company behind Cameron’s library of original music, said, “Catchiness isn't simply what makes Cameron's music stand out. His clever lyrics are thought provoking and heartfelt. In a sea of sounds floating around out there, Cameron's music will be sure to touch a chord with listeners.”  Cameron’s music combines his storytelling ability with a catchy melody to create a sound that bridges the gap between the Indie and Pop genres.

On July 27th, Cameron released the single, “Vagabond,” in advance of his full-length album set for release on September 14th. The inspiration for “Vagabond” goes back to his days in Andover, Kansas, where he remembers getting picked last in gym class.  He wasn’t a big athlete, and the feeling of isolation and not being wanted stuck with him. He wanted to show that it’s important to take a negative situation and learn to own it, making it all a part of a bigger journey – a feeling many people can relate to in some aspect of their life. Along with the release of the single, Cameron debuted the accompanying music video. The video features Cameron sitting alone in a kiddie pool in his front yard.  As his beard grows longer, it seems as though he’s stranded in this pool while more and more time passes.  While lighthearted and comedic, the video still has a deeper meaning. Cameron hopes this video will encourage anyone who feels stuck in a situation to realize that they can be the one to save themselves – a simple idea that Cameron executes in a fun and creative way.

After nearly two years since the release of his last EP, Cameron’s music has evolved as he continues to grow as a person. He describes his new album as being more “progressive, mature pop” with “bigger beats and synth sounds.”  He drew inspiration for his new album from all aspects of life, and he attributes songwriting to be great therapy, allowing his fans to follow his personal journey through his songs. 

After Cameron had recorded the Focus On The Road EP, he started taking his music into high schools and middle schools as part of his Love On The Road tour.  He used this tour to discuss the issue of bullying and spread the message of love using his song, “Love is Louder.”  This message for Cameron is heavily influenced by the official movement Love is Louder and that love is stronger than any pain, fear, loneliness, or any negative emotion.  From the tour, Cameron was inspired to create his Always Always EP and eventually make his way to becoming a full-time independent artist, which has been a dream come true.

As part of his personal journey as an artist and a person, his new album is also influenced by the time he spent in Australia after winning the Virgin Australia High Flyer position as part of The Best Jobs in the World competition.  Often times, he was traveling alone, being halfway around the world from family and friends.  This experience left a huge impression on him and it was from his travels that he found how the theme of being alone could sometimes be a powerful one – one that definitely appears throughout his new album.

Aside from music, Cameron is passionate about people in general.  He enjoys trying new foods and finding new restaurants and coffee shops.  He’s all about staying in shape and eating healthy.  Most importantly, his faith is a huge aspect of his life.

Cameron looks forward to continuing to grow as an artist. He hopes to return to the same mission he set out on with the Love on the Road tour and continue speaking to young kids in schools about spreading positivity.  He always wants to continue using his music for a bigger cause.  

Cameron currently resides in Los Angeles.