Cailee Rae


What began as a casual Instagram post, later became a catalyst that would propel Cailee and her unique voice to the top of the rising stars.  From the moment Cailee Rae hit post on that first video of her singing, it was impossible for the world not to be enchanted by her incredible voice.  Over half a million Instagram followers later, 16-year-old Cailee has found a way to use social media as a creative platform to share her remarkable talent and launch a career in the traditional music industry.

Growing up in Missouri, most of the other kids were focused on sports and going out.  Feeling like she didn’t fit into this mold, Cailee wanted to find something that she could call her own.  Heavily influenced by Taylor Swift, Cailee asked her Mom for a guitar when she was in the second grade.  From the first moment she picked up the guitar, she knew that music was more than a hobby and it was her true calling.

Committed to extending her craft beyond the guitar, Cailee went on to self-learn how to play the piano, cajone, and drums. She’ll never forget her first performance in which her band had to push her out onto the stage because she was so nervous.  Despite these nerves, as soon as her feet touched the stage, her adrenaline kicked in and she felt entirely at home.  “I’m completely obsessed with that rush,” Cailee says.

As a dedicated musician, Cailee is involved in all aspects of the creative process.  When writing her own music, Cailee draws inspiration from everything she sees and hears through her everyday life.  Some of her favorite places to draw this inspiration from are airports.  She loves to watch strangers in transit and envision their stories.  She is inspired by other story-telling artists such as Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, & Shawn Mendes.

At first listen it is hard to specifically define Cailee’s sound; it is completely unique – a blend of “indie-pop” that Cailee says you must hear to get a true feel for her style.  She loves to be able to put her own original stamp on the music she creates, as evidenced both in her covers of popular songs, and in her own original music.

2016 is already a breakout year for Cailee as she just released her single “Anchor” followed by her debut EP “Overthinking” – both to an overwhelmingly positive response. She hopes that her new original music showcases her true evolution as an artist.  Since introducing her eclectic voice to the world through cover songs, Cailee has been working hard on defining whom she is as an artist by fine-tuning her sound and embracing the qualities that make her voice unique.  Later this year Cailee would like to embark on a tour to connect with her fans one-on-one and truly make a difference in their lives through her relatable melodies and lyrics.

Cailee’s goal is simple, “I just want to spread love and messages through my music, and fill stadiums with people and with love.  Music is something that brings people together and helps them.  It’s the only language that everyone understands.”

In addition to her love for music, Cailee is extremely passionate about the protection of animals, as well as any charities that aim to help underprivileged children.  Ever since she was a child, Cailee would go to Belize to volunteer to help stray dogs get medical attention and find homes.  While in Belize, Cailee worked with volunteers and local community leaders to donate resources, such as school supplies, and help teach children in the local schools to help ensure a better education for all.

When Cailee is not spending time in the studio working on her music or giving back to charity, she loves to cook, bake, and play with animals. 

Cailee currently resides in Los Angeles.