bryan lanning


With over 1.3 billion views and 2.1 million subscribers on his insanely popular family YouTube channel Daily Bumps, Bryan Lanning is using the confidence his large following has given him to transition into what he has always loved to do – music.

Growing up in Idaho, Bryan was singing, performing, and songwriting from a very young age.  His Grandmother put him in vocal lessons and he sang in choirs all throughout elementary school.  Despite how much he loved music, singing was not considered “cool” in his small town and Bryan was eventually bullied to stop performing for a long time.

This small town mentality shaped Bryan into the type of person who was always dreaming of bigger things.  Finding success through his YouTube channel, and incredible support from millions of individuals around the world, Bryan channeled all of his past experiences and emotions into writing his upcoming music.  His songwriting process involves lots of late nights where he typically finds himself humming a melody throughout the day and by the time his head hits the pillow, he has a song ready to record.  In general, he finds inspiration for his songs through his wife and family.  He describes his sounds as “personal and inviting” – detailing life moments that are extremely relatable to those listening.

Bryan’s first EP “Like a Lion” was released in early 2016 and debuted at #1 on the iTunes Pop Album Charts.  This EP was an experimental project for Bryan and just a small taste of what is to come.  Taking the time to hone his craft, Bryan created his first full-length album titled “Us.”  Due out in January 2017, Bryan feels this new body of work has a much more defined sound and concept than “Like a Lion” did.  He describes “Us” as a non-perfect love story.  His favorite song off of the album is “Euphoria” because of its raw and angsty tone, something that is different for him.

Fans got their first glimpse of “Us” through the empowering song and stunning music video for Bryan’s song “Idaho”.  Having met his wife Missy in Idaho as teenagers, this song autobiographically captures the feeling of growing up in a small town and finding an escape in someone else.  With the music video, starring Disney Star August Maturo, Bryan uses extraordinary visuals to portray the whimsical imagination of adolescents and capture the feeling of young love.  The video mirrors Bryan’s experience growing up in an abusive home and how Missy was his getaway from that chaotic world.

With Missy being such a vital part of Bryan’s story, there is a song on “Us” that features both of their vocals.  Bryan wanted Missy to come in and tell her side of the story through one song, so she came up with a speaking verse to recite during a break in the music.  Once she was in the recording booth, Bryan’s producer convinced her to sing with him on the chorus.  The chorus ended up sounding so great that they kept it, creating a sweet and magical moment between the two on the record.  Another key song on “Us” is “Tell You” which features Dia Frampton from The Voice.

Bryan cites his biggest musical inspiration as Tori Kelly for how gifted of a songwriter and vocalist she is and how hard she has worked to make her career happen all on her own.

Ultimately, music for Bryan has always been about expressing himself.  When he has a hard time with words, music is there.  His goal as a singer and songwriter is to help people get through whatever life may throw their way.