Alli Fitz


There was no denying that Alli Fitz was destined to entertain after she racked up over 5 million followers on her Vine account back in 2014.  Recognized for her unique flavor of relatable slapstick comedy, Alli soon after extended her reach and built an audience in the millions across YouTube, Instagram and, working with brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Twizzlers, T-Mobile, Wendys, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, FOX, Warner Brothers, Lifetime and MTV.  What her millions of followers may not have known is that Alli’s talent goes way beyond comedy, having loved to sing and perform since she was 8-years-old.  Gearing up to show the world who she is as an artist, Alli is set to release her captivating second single “Disease” and continue to make her mark on the music industry with her extraordinary talent.

Growing up in small-town Xenia, Ohio, Alli always loved to perform and eventually went on to attend college for theater.  In 2014 she began to make videos on the popular social app, Vine and blew up to be one of the most popular comedy accounts.  Once Vine began to die out, Alli knew it was time for her to use her following to pursue a full-time career in music.

Heavily influenced by artists like Demi Lovato, Alli’s sound is classic Pop and she loves upbeat songs that make the listener want to dance and move.   Writing most of her own songs herself, Alli creates her best music when she is able to close herself off into a room and focus on the personal things she has been through.  Drawing from her own experiences, she strives to write about topics that anyone can relate to.

In February 2017, Alli released her first cover song and video of “Hair” by Little Mix to an overwhelmingly positive response.  She wrote her debut single “Fill The Void” with Andrew Wade, creating an upbeat, brass-heavy hit. “It came from the heart, it’s real stuff.” says Alli. “I consider this my first opportunity to show my fans who I really am and how I feel, and that I’m more than just a comedian but a singer and an artist as well.”

Coming off the success of her debut single, Alli is slated to release her brand new single “Disease,” written about a toxic relationship she went through.  The accompanying video features a monster portraying this toxic guy and lots of visuals, colors, and Alli’s favorite part – dancing.  Her message is that of female empowerment and showing other females that they don’t need a man to feel strong.

Outside of music, Alli loves to act and wants to use her voice for good to advocate against the stigma surrounding mental health.  There have been times in the industry where Alli has felt she was treated unfairly because of her skin color and because of that, she strives to have little girls of color to look up to her and feel inspired in the way that Alli embraces her background.  She wants these young girls to know that they can do anything, no matter their race or gender.

Ultimately, Alli’s goal is to be a true artist who wants to use her music to connect to others.  She aspires to be touring around, having audiences everywhere singing her lyrics back at her.  With new music, more studio time on the horizon, and plans to hit the road, Alli is unstoppable.